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Business Planning

Start and build your business with practical workbook, useful tools and templates, put together by a team of experienced entrepreneurs. Whether you've recently started up or are considering it or maybe need to go back to the drawing board, our business planning tools are created to help you plan and launch your business strategically, even if you are still in the idea phase. Our UKStartUp Toolkit will help you to clearly define your vision and objectives, assess your business needs and understand how to meet them and ultimately plan for success.


Showcase your Startup

We are dedicated to giving startups like yours an opportunity to get your brand and business out there and reach thousands of potential customers within our community. That's why we've come up with two initiatives to give the chance to showcase your startup! #StartupShowcase #UKStartUpShow

The #UKStartUpShowcase is a national video competition that gives entrepreneurs across the UK the opportunity to submit a 'self-styled' video sharing something significant or entertaining about your journey so far and showcase your business in the process. Click here to learn more about you can enter the competition today.

UKStartup Showcase

UKStartUp Radio

As we prepare to lauch our online radio show, we want to give you the opportunity to share your knowledge, business experience or even entrepreneurial war stories! Youl'll be interviewed by our host and broadcast across the waves. Click here to learn more about how you can apply to feature as a guest today. 

Who We Are

UKStartUp is the UK's "largest social (media) community of startups, micro and small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs." 

We exist to enthuse, educate and expose startups to thrive in business. As a team of entrepreneurs ourselves led by @mariadee, we understand the dynamics of building a startup and can relate with the challenges along the way. We're dedicated to inspiring our community of #UKSUers with great content and resources and giving you and your business a voice, through all things digital!

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It's easy to join our community and get involved in the conversation. You can Tweets us, Facebook us or even engage our team on Instagram. Follow us today @UKStartup, we're pretty friendly :-)

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Access to finance is one of the biggest barriers of growth for startups as even more established businesses. Growth is essential to the survival and longetivity of business at any level, that's why our very own Chief Eternal Optimist Maria Dee provides professional support to early-stage businesses to help them overcome this major challenge. Signup to learn more about how we can help you understand your options, access loans, raise investment as well as explore the growth options for your business. With a wealth of experience in fundraising, we've got you covered!


Access to Finance

Supporting and Showcasing


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Tools to Setup, Survive and Thrive

Launching May

We've been working some great digital resources to help you build your business for success and add value to your journey as an entrepreneur. Signup to find out more about our access to finance support and digital tools for planning your business planning launching soon. To be the first to find out when these business building tools are available make sure you are also registered as a #UKSUer

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